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1. The presence of dust particles in air serves?

2.One of the ingredients of the paste on the side of the match box is?

3. Foaming can be prevented by....

4. The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called...

5.Ethyl alcohol is?

6. The substance preserved under water out of the following is?

Transmission of light through mixture is measured by:...

8. Large crystals are formed if:

9. Addition of acid to an indicator will shift the equilibrium towards :

10. Extent of physisorption of a gas increases with:

11. In a reversible chemical reaction (where Δx= (number of moles of product) – (number of moles of reactants)

12. High _________ is an undesirable property for a good refrigerant.

13. Maximum work that could be secured by expanding the gas over a given pressure range is the __________ work.

14. Zeolite removes both temporary as well as permanent hardness of water by precipitating calcium and magnesium present in water a insoluble zeolites. Used zeolite is regenerated by flushing with the solution of....

15. Many chemical industries use the heat generated to produce steam, which is also used in power generation and pre-heating the feed. Which of the following methodologies is used in the above case.

16. When you bring your finger nearby tap water flow of fluid jet attaches itself to a nearby surface. This is due to-

17.Toothpaste is a ____

18. Which of the following unit operation is used in coffee decoction?

19. IN 1863, the German chemists Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymous Theodor Richter found a blue line in the spectrum of tested minerals. As no element was known with a bright blue emission, they concluded a new element was present, and they named it ‘X’ based on the color in its spectrum. Identify X?

20. E is a radioactive chemical element with symbol F and atomic no. 85. It is the rarest naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust, occurring only as the decay product of various heavier elements. The total amount of E in the Earth’s crust is estimated to be less than one gram at any given time. Identify E and F ?

21. I bear two gifts not one or three, Earthbound yet I roam the sea, All brilliant white, I heal your ache, Fond of milk, averse to cake. Who am I?

22. The name of D means colour in Greek. Its compounds are used as pigments which have been used to paint school buses and as green colour in glassmaking. Natural rubies are coloured red due to D ions. Find D

23. X is probably the most recognized scent in pain relief balms and for good reason. Originally X was used by native North Americans for its medicinal properties to treat the symptoms of rheumatism, sore throats, tooth decay, and other problems such as insect bites, snakebites and bee stings. Today, however, it is mostly used for topical pain relief. X is commonly known as Oil of Y. Identify X and Y ?

24. What is the color of mirror?

25. I exist in Greek Mythology, And some find me useful in astrology, I go up and down in a glass tube simultaneously And you know what the difference means. Who am I, if you are a chemical engineer?

26. You push on me, I push right back, You give a blow, I’ll give a smack Whatever your force, there’s none I lack. You push on me, I push right back When with paddle, a boat you row, What on earth, makes you go?

27. X is a yellow solid is sometimes used as a reagent in chemical synthesis, but is best known as an explosive material with convenient handling properties. X was first prepared by a German chemist Julius Wilbrand and originally used as a yellow dye. Its explosive properties were first discovered by another German chemist, Carl Haussermann in 1891. X is so insensitive that it was exempted from the UK’s Explosives Act 1875 and was not considered an explosive for the purposes of manufacture and storage. Find X?

28. AB is the most radioactive isotope on the planet. AB is extremely toxic, with one microgram being enough to kill the average adult. AB was used to kill Russian dissident and ex-FSB officer Alexander V. Litvinenko in 2006. Find AB hint- A is the isotope mass no. B is the element symbol

29. Which is the chemical behind the brown color of human faces?

30. Does sunlight weigh anything?

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